Work Injury

Have you recently been injured on the job? We can help!


The most common symptom is pain.
This injury commonly involves the spinal muscles and joints.  These injuries can produce significant pain and limitations to your work activities.

What can we do?
1. I do a complete physical exam to familiarize myself with all the aspects of your pain.
2. I will recommend treatment options for you.  Some of my favorite treatment options are chiropractic adjustment, electrical therapy, support tape, flexion / distraction, exercises and postural education. 

Often on the first visit patients start to notice improvements with less pain!  This is very important because as you go back to work, you want your back supported so it doesn’t keep hurting or get worse.

Setting the foundation for future success

With additional treatments further progress can be made.  I will also educate you on ways to improve your posture using exercises and stretches as well as other helpful advice.  This will allow you to learn in the process of your healing. 

What is success?
My goal at the end of your treatment is not only 100% improvement in your pain, but also for you to have confidence that you now know how to properly sit, stand, walk and sleep so you can finally take control of your health and not worry about the pain returning.

Most all patients find the treatments to be relaxing as well as educational and would recommend me to their friends and family.

Bills will be submitted to the work insurance.  Please ask me if you have any concerns about the bills.

Let’s team up so you can take control of your health!

Call Today to Schedule an Appointment or a Free Consultation. I look forward to the opportunity to help you in any way that I can.

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"I have been getting my treatment with Dr. Formolo from last six months now...he is one of the best doctor I've been to ..he is really friendly and good in giving treatments. He understands my problems well..I would recommend him to anyone who is in pain and looking for treatments..." -Patient

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