Take Control of Your Health

Our goal for you is not only a 100% improvement in your health condition but at the end of your treatment we want you to have confidence that you now know how to prevent your condition from returning giving you control of your health.

Welcome To National Chiropractic in West Allis, WI!

Whether you’re simply looking to take better care of yourself or in the process of healing from an injury or illness, National Chiropractic can help. Our approach is unique because it’s holistic—incorporating diet, movement, chiropractic treatment and supplemental support all specifically geared towards your individual goals.  I make it a point to personally consult with all patients to understand their current states of health and hopes for the future improvement. And for those who cannot travel, I am happy to consult over the phone or by video chat.

I have extensive experience dealing with injuries and have helped many people begin to feel better after just one first visit without drugs or surgery. For auto-accident injury patients, I provide a summary report at no charge at the end of care.  And, in addition to traditional chiropractic treatments, we provide guidance on foods to support health and healing.


Chiropractic Care for Work Injuries, Car Accidents, Head Trauma, etc. –
I offer chiropractic adjustments, therapies, support tape and step-by-step postural education for patients to feel better and gain more confidence in their bodies.

Chronic Illnesses –
For those patients with a chronic illness or looking for wellness care. I can offer support to specific body systems based on the needs of the patient using a food based approach as the core strategy for improving health and overcoming health challenges.

Auto / Car Accident

We use natural and effective treatments and we are often able to reduce pain in many patients after the first treatment.

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Work Injury

We have been helping injured workers for more than 15 years get back to work successfully. My goal for you is to have you notice good progress with a full recovery.

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Head Trauma

The ultimate goal is restoration of your brain health, which will help you to think more clearly and can keep your brain healthy for the long term.

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We are skilled in identifying which system of your body needs support and with the use of food, nutrition and herbal protocols we can help you feel better.

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Choose National Chiropractic for the most comprehensive approach to your needs, including:

  • One-on-one care and guidance specific to your healthcare goals
  • Extensive experience and proven track record at helping many feel better immediately
    and achieve improved overall health without surgery or drugs
  • Chronic illness support through nutrition, supplements and chiropractic treatments
  • Auto-accident support, treatment and accompanying written reports
  • Expert guidance on nutrition, supplements, exercise and more
  • Consultations by phone and in-person

Let’s team up so you can take control of your health!

Call Today to Schedule an Appointment or a Free Consultation. I look forward to the opportunity to help you in any way that I can.

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"I have been getting my treatment with Dr. Formolo from last six months now...he is one of the best doctor I've been to ..he is really friendly and good in giving treatments. He understands my problems well..I would recommend him to anyone who is in pain and looking for treatments..." -Patient

“Flight by machines heavier than air is impractical…if not utterly impossible.” –Simon Newcomb’s published statement one year prior to Orville and Wilbur Wright proved the conventional expert wrong!

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